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Beautiful Blood

by The Cousins Project

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Rescue Me 03:04
Rescue Me oh I don’t expect you to always read my mind please don’t feel abandoned when I leave this world behind there are certain places that you’re not allowed oh baby I still love you when I am hiding out i know your good intentions its only ‘cause you care when you are looking for me and can’t find me anywhere the world has worn me out you know its not your fault ‘cause I don’t expect you to know my every thought I’m drifting down the pavement I’m lost inside a crowd my head is in the mountains beneath the silent clouds I’ve left no trail behind me but I can see your lights oh baby I don’t want you to rescue me tonight to rescue me tonight to rescue me tonight
Backway to Victory it’s a cold and wintry day my love have we lost our way sun’s up but it’s coming down there’s darkness on my mind where the road and the tangled rivers rise no shelter baby now maybe it’s a fatal flaw thinking we can see at all beyond this valley, beyond the sky why, why do we cry, why do we care, oh baby why the sugar moon’s up, I reckon, we could sure use the light on the back way to Victory tonight it’s a wild land and we’ve run aground on the shores of paradise night glows with heaven’s fire and a thousand questions thrown down by a sliver of moon and the wind swept four directions but don’t lay down baby let’s go we’ve got to trust what we already know And find a path through our creation the geese go swiftly wing to cloud how simple then to fly and never have a need to feel a lover’s warmth or comfort or walk alone in the fields reaching out from a broken life but we’ll divine us a northern branch by god while there’s still a chance we’ll make our run toward salvation
South of the Chelsea Line if you’re riding the road tonight south of the Chelsea line chances are the moon is bright windows down and the air’s rushing in south of the Chelsea rim silver rain soaking your skin how did we make this what drives this love so strong I have been waiting yes I have been waiting so long if you’re stayng with friends tonight south of the Chelsea line i just hope that they treat you right ’cause every window and every floor south of my Chelsea door is a place where I’ll come to shore how did we make this what drives this love so strong I have been waiting yes I have been waiting so long if you’re coming up north tonight from south of the Chelsea line every fire will be shining bright where will we take this i can’t believe its wrong to reach beyond our dreams far beyond
Safe Passage 03:57
Safe Passage Seeking safe passage to your heart will winds blow me asunder and tear me apart searching for a way to land upon the shore how will I find you when I don’t know you anymore you were running out my door nearly half insane I raced into the gray, followed you to lake champlain spinning through the midnight - my thoughts like empty miles darker than the water, I was thinking of your smile Seeking safe passage to your heart will the ocean pull me under and tear me apart searching for a way to make your love my own but how will I find you when I don’t know you anymore passing through the straights, praying to the fates you let go of my heart - i hope its not too late i know there's blue sky somewhere on a distant shore as I felt myself sinking the rain began to pour headlong into chaos, a rolling raging green black clouds off the bow darker than my dreams the sky is filled with thunder - I’ve fallen far below as I sank into the water I wanted you to know Seeking safe passage to your heart will the ocean pull me under and tear me apart I’m just searching for a way to land on your shore how will I find you when I don’t know you anymore
Stealing Away I’m stealing away ‘cause the river is high Gone get me a boat and sail to the sky Gonna get me a rigger and fly to the sun Gonna leave all my worries and have me some fun I’m stealing away under threatening skies The water is falling right into my eyes Gonna get me a compass and a barrel of wine Gonna laugh at the rain and have a good time I’m stealing away ‘cause the sky’s about to fall Roving gangs of kids are ready to brawl Strange things are happening in my neighborhood Gonna steal away while the stealing is good I’m stealing away ‘cause the earth’s about to crack The banks of the river can’t hold the water back The mud is rising to the tops of my wheels I’m stealing away with the devil at my heels Well I’m stealing away to a place in the sun Gonna rest my head on a pillow of mud I aint hurtin’ nobody, nobody’s doing me harm I’m stealing away into my saviors arms I’m stealing away into my saviors arms I’m stealing away on the rising tide Gonna get me some wings and let my spirit fly Gonna find me a home to rest my weary bones I’m stealing away, you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone I’m stealing away, aint nobody doin’ me harm I’m stealing away into my saviors arms
Sugar 05:14
Sugar she was a spring rain on the cigarette studded pavement she was a zydeco in the arms of a tatooed stranger she was lost and Jesus would have loved her if he’d a known all the secrets she hold she was a looker paying hard for a little bit of comfort she was a late night cheek to cheek with the neon signs just a fantasy in a subway window frame don’t make her wrong just adrift and full of shame sugar, saying it don’t make it so sugar, do it quick and then let go sugar, call it love or what you know sugar, alive but never not broken she was a daddy’s girl but daddy was a no good cuss she tried to make it right but her choices just weren’t good enough she caught a rough ride just to see where it would go too young to hide or to know what she don’t know she coulda been a free bird flying across a great divide damned if she do but you know she do all right wasn’t here to fly while she had so much fight in her always looking up but with the luck of a sinner
Beautiful Blood Standing sentry on the hill was our grandfather Will armed with powder fresh to kill and no fear in his eyes He rushed the southern flank led the troops and broke the rank forced them back to the bank of the riverside Medals pinned to his lapel one for heaven, two for hell a tear for every man that fell face down in the mud He would sit us on his knee and tell his stories of bravery but in his minds eye all he could see was so much beautiful blood Laying sentry on the hill the lonely bones of Will a flower pot for us to fill and our beautiful blood
Trouble and Truth It’s in the emptiness of the light The holy turning of day to night Slipping quietly through the trees Bringing my lonely heart to its knees You only ask me to love and to live If I could only believe – I could give If I could feel then I’d surely try To reinvent this and make it fly It’s a strange bliss Finally got you on the line Been starving for connection And running out of time It’s a cruel twist Rising up like the rain Bringing trouble and truth To my heart again Now I’m a crow bending in flight Heading for things that’s just out of sight Sharpening my wings on the clouds and the rain Flying faster than a spinning weather vane Now I’m a sparrow chasing the breeze Raking the wind for the things that it needs But things slide through your hands even when you’re good You do what you do and you did what you could ------------ I’ve been climbing not sure why It’s a rickety ladder goes a little too high But up on the roof there you don’t wear a skirt And you pledge your allegiance to the sky and the dirt
Come Around 03:44
Come Around Come down my love, reach though the night Look out your window and follow the light Put down your work - it’s the end of the week Come down to Tunbridge and celebrate with me Come around, come around, come around to my sky Everyone is dancing except you and I Come around, come around, I’m ready to fly Come down off the mountain tonight Dress me in rain, as pure as the sky Moonbeams of silver and diamond fireflies Spin me around with your lips to my ear Come down from Chelsea all your friends are here Come around, come around, come around to my side Everyone is waltzing under soft moonlight Come around, come around, let’s give it a try Come down off the mountain tonight Show me your moves and all of your turns Show me your fire and how you’ve been burned Bring me your joy and all of your blues Drive down the valley, I’m waiting for you Come around, come around, to the fairgrounds lights Follow the music to the cars parked outside Come around, come around I’ve got a surprise Kiss me by the willow tonight Come down off the mountain tonight
Wasteland 05:20
Wasteland the hills are blue just like I’m feeling pretty fish in the river but I can’t see them why did you love me - i’m sure that i don’t know i feel the heat of the summer’s night just like I felt it then in the cabin’s light we drank so deep a water cold as ice and in that final hour the answer may be found falling from the golden heights of summer’s crown the glacial streams careening, rejoining in one cry of all that’s come and gone its love that’s passed you by it should have been a warm rain on fertile ground should have been laughter and drinks all around how such good fortune could make someone so cruel a single candle’s flame - the fire of believing or was it carelessness or was I dreaming to think a simple act of trust could make me such a fool and in that final hour the answer may be found emptied from your pockets onto the ground i won’t be there to meet you or make you feel alive of all that’s come and gone its love that passed you by you took the best years - there’s a difference you know between a woman’s life and a stone you throw one in a million stars in the sky tonight
Deep Deep Baby Deep deep baby that’s the way I feel When I’m losing out to depression When I go down, broken right down When I fill myself with oppression Oh my word, it’s a cold cold world When the only love is anger Dangerous times to be alive When even life is a stranger It’s a plague, it’s a lie Let the thunder shake the sky Fight like hell the misery Don’t fall in the deep deep baby Deep deep baby that’s the way I feel When I talk but never listen When I keep running, driving and humming No sense of what’s missing Oh my word, it’s a lonely world When love is only the senses I’ll give you - if you give me too – if you can pass my defenses Deep deep baby, that’s the way I feel When I’m using ammunition When I go round, shootin you down Like I got a holy mission Oh my word, it’s a senseless world When the only love is destruction Pray for a vision to show me the way - from my own corruption
Jealous Girl 03:15
Jealous Girl I’m a jealous girl with a fearful heart Who’s that you’re talking to Oh your tender love tears me apart Why do these women follow you You have so many friends caught in your sway I’m afraid that one will take you away I’m pretty pitiful and I can’t relax Do you want to dance I get paranoid and insecure Who’s that on the telephone I can hear you laugh from the other room Why can’t I leave you alone Because every now and then An ex from Vermont knew you when you were a debutante I wish I didn’t care cause I’m caught in your trance Do you want to dance -------- Who’s that on your cell phone you seem so at ease Like she knows how to make you weak in the knees You put a spell on me and I don’t stand a chance I’ll surely ruin this romance Do you want to dance Do you want to dance
Mess of Love 03:03
Mess of Love It doesn’t really matter what you think of me It doesn’t really matter now we’re through I’ve got nothing to be sorry for But then again - I trusted you I’ve got no reason - no inclination To continue this charade We were ecstatic and now it’s painful To take a look at what we made We made a mess of love We made a mess of love It doesn’t really matter that you lied to me It’s not a crime to be a fool Maybe I was just a little naïve Maybe you were a little cruel I only wish I’d stopped to notice That you despise what you desire Your twisted justice and delusions And the awful vows that you require We made a mess of love When push came to shove Cursed by the stars above We made a mess of love, yes we did


Steve and I are second cousins … but didn’t know that until a few years ago. We lived parallel lives as songwriters, producers, and independent artists unbeknownst to the other: he in Boston and Brooklyn, and I in Vermont.

In 2006 we met by chance when Steve was playing a gig up here in the Green Mountains with his buddy Bow Thayer. As the band line-up was announced from the festival stage I heard my Italian middle name go flying by and took another squint at the musicians. Who was this “Steve Mayone” feller? When the band took a break, I nervously approached the Mediterranean looking guy who looked a little like my brother. “Is it possible we’re related?” I said.

Soon we were chatting away, trying to figure it out and in short order we discovered that our grandparents had been siblings. In the first half of the 20th century, the Mayone family were busy brick makers, shipping bricks down the Hudson river where they were used to build such iconic structures in New York City as the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. Then the company collapsed, and families scattered.

As Steve likes to say, “making the album has been a way get to know each other, musically and personally”. It is a joyful celebration of our newfound connection, extended family and not-so distant immigrant roots - and an appreciative nod to our lucky stars.

- Kristina Stykos


released January 1, 2013

Produced by Kristina Stykos
Recorded by Kristina Stykos at Pepperbox Studio (Chelsea VT) and by Steve Mayone at Proofbox Studio (Somerville MA).
Mixed by Kristina Stykos with Steve Mayone
Mastered by Oscar Zambrano, Zampol Productions, NYC
Package Design by Rachel Mello

© 2013 Thunder Ridge Records
Cover photo by John Churchman
Additional photos by Michael Millard, Steve Mayone and Kristina Stykos



all rights reserved



Kristina Stykos Chelsea, Vermont

Kristina is a music producer, recording engineer, songwriter, performer, podcaster and landscape gardener based in Vermont. Her recording studio, Pepperbox Studio, is solar, wind and generator powered. She has engineered & produced over 25 albums for herself and clients. Her songwriting and composing have been supported by the Ucross Foundation and Brush Creek Artist Residency in Wyoming. ... more

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